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WSP was founded by Lee in 2011. He started wet shaving in 2002 because he was fed up with the poor shaves and increasing cost of cartridge razors. In addition, he was concerned about the poor quality, chemical detergents, expense, and waste of the aerosol shaving creams. In 2008, Lee began by restoring, sharpening, and selling vintage straight razors. Over the years, Lee has expanded WSP to include a full line of wet shaving products, soaps, and fragrances. WSP began with the idea of providing a luxury shaving brush without the luxury price. Starting from our first model, the Prince, we have expanded to add safety & straight razors, shaving soaps, stands & accessories, aftershaves, fragrance, bath & body soaps, and beard oil. Our grooming products are completely made in house. From the research and development of a recipe, to the manufacturing, and even the packaging. Everything is done in America, by nice Americans, because we love what we do.