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Northern Fir Quality Beard Oil was carefully designed to moisturize the hair and skin on your face, leaving you well-groomed and ready to take on your day. From the outset we’ve taken a scientific approach to developing our beard oil, endeavoring to understand and leverage the qualities that make a beard oil effective and enjoyable to use.

When we embarked on our journey to create the best beard oil on the market, we knew that it had to hydrate skin, soften bristly facial hair, and smell and feel great. To achieve these results, we meticulously researched the properties of various natural oils to understand how and why they work. To ensure a first-rate experience for our customers we tested dozens of formulas, analyzing each of them for feel, scent, and results. Throughout the process, we solicited feedback from men with all types of facial hair, including scruff, chest-length beards, and clean shaves.

In addition to performing well, it was equally important to us that our ingredients were procured from responsible vendors. We evaluated raw materials suppliers and selected only companies that are reputable and conscientious about how their materials are sourced and processed. All of our ingredients are 100% organic and come from vendors that practice sustainable and responsible agriculture.

The end result of our diligent R&D process is Northern Fir beard oil, a thoughtfully developed men’s moisturizer that makes facial grooming enjoyable, easy, and effective for men with any type of facial hair.

Northern Fir beard oil is handcrafted in small batches in Austin, Texas.