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We’re an independent company based in Cardiff, Wales. We were founded in early 2016 by our Managing Director, Max Winchester when he opened an Etsy store. He recently decided to open his own online store so that our customers no longer have the hassle of creating an account before placing an order.

We sell beard oils made from natural ingredients because as bearded men we believe in treating our beards with pride. That means using the best oils to nourish and moisturize them. We also have a lot of fun crafting our recipes, coming up with the perfect combinations that we use ourselves every day and are now available to buy from our store.

As creatives we take pride in designing our own packaging so we know it looks as great as the products inside. The droppers we use were selected because we believe they’re the easiest method to cleanly control the amount of oil you use. Perfect for taking care of beards of any length.