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Spurned into action by a passion for crafting goods by hand, founder Evan Worthington spent years making bar soaps to keep his own cabinet stocked, with plenty left over for friends and family. When one December his sister was looking for an original, handmade gift, they rummaged through cabinets, melted a few oils over a fire, and ground some peppermint leaves & lavender. A few beers and an inspiring conversation later the seed was planted. Evan spent the following months endlessly honing and refining his recipes and technique, bringing Craftsman Soap Company to life.

Our family believes the journey is just as important as the destination, which is why all of our products are handmade. Small-batch wooden soap molds are individually lined before the oils, clays, botanicals, and essential oils & extracts are weighed out for every batch, then blended and poured into molds. The next day, our cold-process soaps are wire cut by hand and racked to dry and cure. This kind of closeness to the process is essential, providing us inspiration and maintaining the highest quality of our goods. Our handcrafted processes make each bar truly unique, from a live edge that reflects the shape of the mold to small marks of character and the impressions from the cutting process.