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Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome aboard the Bobo train… your journey is about to begin!Bobo’s Beard Company has been made by the beard for the beard, in a small town in Norfolk. Created with 100% natural ingredients for any size beard or moustache, Bobo’s will be your one stop shop for all male grooming products.

We were fed up with buying over priced beard products with second-rate ingredients, so our idea was to blend our own oils and waxes, and so it begun! After much researching and testing it was decided that Moroccan Argan Oil would form the base of our beard oils due to it’s softening and repairing effects, being 100% natural and containing high concentrates of fatty acids and vitamin e the results were just outstanding. Although Argan oil was not the cheapest product on the market our ethos was to provide a good quality product at an affordable price and that’s what we hope we have achieve!

We currently stock Beard Oil, Tash Wax, Beard Balm, Moustache Combs, Beard Brushes, Make Grooming Gift Sets, Beard Accessories, Bobo’s Clothing, Hoodies, T-Shirts, Caps and Hats, Merchandise, Mugs and Badges more is on the way soon! Remember to follow us on all of our social networking sites for latest news and exclusive offers!